Paramedic to RN

Working as a paramedic is great way to gain experience in the medical field. You’ll learn valuable job skills and gain leadership experience. However, becoming a registered nurse (RN) takes your medical training to the next level. RNs not only assume more advanced job responsibilities, they earn more money and have more autonomy. You can expect to take two to three years of courses, sometimes less depending on your professional experience and flexibility, to become an RN.

Requirements for Earning Paramedic to RN Degrees

Paramedics and RNs often perform similar duties. However, RNs typically earn more and have better upward career mobility. By getting a degree to advance from paramedic to RN, graduates earn the opportunity to earn higher wages and take more control of their careers. These degree programs include courses in adult health, pathophysiology, nursing concepts and patient care, and multi-system nursing care, among others.

Average Salary and Career Data

Registered nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States today, with projected growth of 26 percent, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. RNs can expect a median annual salary of $64,690 ( While one’s employment setting will influence compensation, hospitals tend to pay more than other settings.

Job Duties of a Registered Nurse

The most prominent goal of a registered nurse is to improve the well-being of a patient. Opportunities in physicians’ offices and general medical and surgical hospitals (public and private) are the most common employment settings for registered nurses, but positions also exist in auxiliary settings, such as home health care facilities or nursing care facilities.

Online Nursing Bridge Programs

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