If you’re already a registered nurse, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree is an important next step in your career. You’ll learn valuable skills that qualify you for more advanced nursing positions with better pay. Employers prefer to hire RNs with a bachelor’s degree over those with just an associate’s degree or diploma. The additional training and education required to earn a BSN will help to sharpen your skills earn you respect among your colleagues.

Requirements for Earning RN to BSN Degrees

A BSN gives already-registered nurses the opportunity to develop new skills, enhance existing skills, and keep current on trends and issues related to the industry they serve. It also serves as a conduit for future career growth. Students in an RN to BSN program will experience such coursework as care management for individuals and family, global and public health nursing, information technology for nurses, and leadership in contemporary nursing, among other topics.

Average Salary and Career Data

Although the registered nursing field is expected to continue growing at a high rate, around 26 percent job growth this decade, the best way to advance one’s career, and ultimately their pay scale, is through continued education. While the median annual salary for RNs is approximately $65,000, the top 10 percent of the field earn greater than $95,000 per year (BLS.gov).

Job Duties of a Registered Nurse (with BSN)

Registered nurses serve to make the patient’s quality of life easier by providing safe and adequate care. The most common job settings for credentialed registered nurses include:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals (public and private)
  • Physicians’ offices
  • Home health care facilities
  • Nursing care facilities

RN to BSN Programs Online

Online Nursing Bridge Programs

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