10 Most Unusual Jobs You Can Get With a Nursing Degree


We’ve all heard of nurses that work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, etc. But what may not be so well known is that these are not the only avenues for those with a nursing degree. There are loads of patients and many areas where qualified nurses can find work. And if you think you’ve heard of every nursing job worth hearing, there might be some news below.

If still doubtful, check out these 10 unusual jobs you can get with a nursing degree. They include everything from advanced duties in the operating room to the legal aspects of medicine and other types of nursing jobs.

  1. Travel Nurse
    It is often thought that travel for leisure and work should be separated, but this career breaks that barrier. Those with nursing degrees can be hired out to the destinations of their choice for the duration of their choice. While days may be spent working, pay can be good, and seeing the world is just one of the benefits. Travel Nursing.com has loads more on travel nursing, including the best destinations, pay rates, and even more for specialty nurses who travel.
  2. Nurse Anesthetist
    Why should brain surgeons make all the money? This is one of the top paying health care careers which can pay upwards of $180,000 in annual salary. If you find that hard to believe, check out this article on Minority Nurse on true life CRNA Gloria Spires, who is an integral part of many operations. She discusses the career, the nursing degree required, and more.
  3. Home Health Care Nurse
    Love the idea of nursing but hate the idea of working in an office or hospital? There’s a nursing career for that. With so many patients being unable to leave their homes, there is a demand for home health care nurses. Karen S. was the typical RN working in a city hospital for five years before she stumbled into home nursing almost by accident. In this entry for Discover Nursing, she shares more on why this type of nursing is right for her.
  4. Pediatric Home Care Nurse
    If you like the idea of the above and working with children, check out this career. These nurses provide healthcare for children with complex medical issues needing skilled nursing care to remain safely in their homes. This involves meeting with families, reviewing medical orders, developing care plans, and working with parents to meet the needs of the child. This nurse tells more about the job on Career Story.
  5. Nurse Researcher
    This nursing career is an excellent choice for those who want to combine nursing and science. Nurse researchers work on the research side with top scientists, doctors, and even the occasional patient to make breakthroughs in medicine and treatment. In this entry for Nurse Week, Lorraine Frazier discusses her career as a nurse researcher.
  6. Nurse Educator
    Love nursing but hate dealing with patients? Then swap them out for students in this nursing career. Often requiring an advanced nursing degree, educators can devote part or all of their careers to the teaching side of nursing. They often serve as faculty members for schools and develop teaching plans, oversee practice, and even lead the occasional course.
  7. RN Case Manager
    If people aren’t your thing at all, there is a nursing career for you. A nurse case manager has a similar job to a social worker but with more of a medical aspect. Case managers do new admissions and outline a plan of continuous care for patients in need of a consistent visitation regimen. They can work for hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, and more.
  8. Patient Advocate
    Nurses who would rather go quality than quantity in their dealings with people can have a look at a career as a patient advocate. They consult with individuals on their healthcare goals and outcomes, provide reports to doctors, assist in making decisions, and review insurance information. Real life nurse/patient advocate Janet Wise discusses more on Scrubs Magazine.
  9. Legal Nurse
    Because medicine doesn’t just happen inside the healthcare field, check out this unusual nursing job. This nurse, also known as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, uses their expertise as a healthcare professional to consult on medical-related cases. Basically, they help bridge the gap between medical terms and legal jargon. Two stand out features of this career are that you can do it with an RN license, not an advanced degree, and can be paid $125- $150 an hour to review cases.
  10. Nurse Practitioner
    Get as close to being a doctor with a nursing degree as possible in this career. In fact, nurse practitioners can often take the place of family care doctors in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Although an advanced nursing degree is required, the salary and benefits can be well worth the effort. This is also the most likely of the nursing careers to go into practice for themselves and be their own boss. The blogger at Mission NP has more on tips for those who want to become nurse practitioners.

Each of the above 10 most unusual jobs you can get with a nursing degree has their own requirements on education, training, and even certification. If you know which career you are interested in pursuing, make sure the program or college is an acceptable way to get there.

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